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About Us

I'm Alex. I'm obsessed with creating the tallest, creamiest cheesecakes and dreaming up unique ways of topping them. I’m lucky enough to have my talented sister on board as our food photographer. We’re just two sisters whose passions collided. 


Our cheesecakes are baked to order using only the finest ingredients (and local ingredients when available). Everything that comes on your cake is made from scratch; from candying bacon to crushing our own graham crackers and pistachios. We make our ganache, whipped cream, and caramel. 


Currently, our cosmos (mini cheesecakes) are available daily at Joe Maxx Coffee Shop on Dearborn Street in Englewood, Fl. We accept orders for pick-up or local delivery between Sarasota, Port Charlotte, and Boca Grande. Our cheesecakes are a perfect addition to holidays, parties, special occasions, and events.

2022-09-12 Space Cakes_0016.jpg
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